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How Overweight do You Need to be for Lap Band Surgery?

For those who are overweight and having difficulty losing weight, there is a time in which they start to seek out the alternatives. One of ... thumbnail 1 summary
For those who are overweight and having difficulty losing weight, there is a time in which they start to seek out the alternatives. One of those alternatives is Lap Band Surgery because it is touted as being the type of weight loss surgery that is the safest. The procedure is minimally invasive and an inflatable band is placed around the stomach to divide it into two halves. One half is larger than the other.

It is the smaller half in which the food goes. The section in which the band is placed around has a small opening that allows food to flow into the larger part. It is here that nutrients and calories are absorbed before moving into the intestines. The smaller pouch helps control portions, which in turn controls the amount of calories absorbed. Weight loss begins to occur over time, which will occur in a more effective way than just dieting alone.

Lap band criteria

When it comes to the criteria a person must meet before having lap band surgery, there is more to it than just how much you’re overweight. There are so many different factors.

The criteria include:

You must be severely overweight. This means that you should have a Body Mass Index of around 30. Even if you’re not 100 pounds overweight, a BMI of 30 means that you have too much weight on you based on your height. A person who is 6 feet tall and a hundred pounds overweight is not going to suffer as bad as someone who is 5 feet tall and weighs the exact same.

You must be overweight for over 5 years. This doesn’t mean 5 years here and there out of a 10, 15, or 20 year period. This is 5 consecutive years.

You have only achieved short-term success when making serious attempts to lose weight. You do not have a disease that is causing your obesity. Some people do have diseases that keep weight on them. There may also be medications contributing to the weight gain.

You are prepared to make changes in how you eat and are willing to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle if that is possible for you. Lifestyle changes are important. This procedure only has a 5% fail rate when done correctly. If not carried out correctly, then the weight loss efforts can fail.

You are willing to enter a nutritional program that will get you ready for the procedure and your lifestyle afterwards. You have to be educated before you can pursue this new lifestyle.

You will keep up with appointments in which you have to be monitored. After the process, your progress has to be monitored by the doctor. The Lap-Band may also have to be adjusted to ensure that it is comfortable. An uncomfortable Lap-Band is not something that is required.

You do not drink large amounts of alcohol. The doctor may say that something such as a small amount of red wine is the only alcoholic beverage that you should have. This is because red wine is an alcoholic beverage that isn’t as unhealthy as other types of alcohol.

You must meet all of these criteria to be considered for Lap-Band surgery. There are many individuals who have found success and are leading new and very healthy lifestyles that they would not be able to lead otherwise.

Are you ready?

So if you have a BMI of 30 or more, then you are the perfect candidate. If your BMI is 29, you may want to speak to your physician about having lap band surgery. Otherwise, your physician may choose to try other methods such as a nutritional plan to see if you can reduce your weight and keep it off.

Laparoscopic lap band surgery is designed to induce weight loss by limiting food consumption. When doing research for weight loss surgery, be sure to visit the CIBO Lap Band Clinic.

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