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Can Cardio Exercises Give You A Flat Stomach?

If you are thinking of having a six pack or a flat stomach, cardiovascular exercises would do the trick just for you. There is no better ... thumbnail 1 summary
If you are thinking of having a six pack or a flat stomach, cardiovascular exercises would do the trick just for you. There is no better way to burn the layer of fat on your hard worked abs than by doing a cardio exercise.

Crunches are mainly done to develop muscles and has less effect on burning fat. Cardio exercises help you burn fat, even hours after finishing your workout and helps you increase your heart rate and metabolism.
Two-thirds of the exercises to have a flat stomach involves strength training with stomach exercises and dieting however the remaining one-third depends on doing a great cardio workout.

Flat Stomach- Choose a Cardio Exercise!

Many people try to find the “best” cardiovascular exercise, but in fact there is no “best” here that applies to all. Cardio exercises include running, rope-jumping, swimming, cycling, jogging, and even activities like tae-bo and aerobics. Choosing a cardio exercise depends on selecting the best which makes you feel good.

No matter what the choice is, any cardiovascular exercise is set to increase your metabolic rate. Choosing a cardio exercise depends on your everyday activities as well. Say for example, i prefer jogging in the morning as a cardio exercise. But some are interested to work in their tread mill after their every day office hours. What do you Gain Out of cardio exercises?

Cardio exercises are a great way to burn those calories and also helps you prevent heart attacks, obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Another wonderful benefit of cardio exercise is its ability to reduce stress levels. Whenever you get stressed, try doing a cardio exercise like walking or cycling or anything for that matter and you’ll understand what i mean! Other benefits include: helping you sleep better, reducing depression, increasing energy levels, increasing the lung capacity and helping you clear your mind.

Interval Cardiovascular Training

You must have heard me talking about interval training in this site?! Yes! Well, its the best way to burn your fat with a cardio exercise. As the name suggests, it defines doing the exercise with the right intervals of high and low intensity training which helps you boost your metabolic rate to the max, burning fat all through the day.

Here’s an example of interval training with running:

You start off by jogging at slow pace for 10 minutes as a warm-up, to let your muscles prepare for the upcoming exercise. Then comes the challenging part, you need to run with your full capacity for 30 seconds, and then run at normal speed for 1:30 seconds. You don’t have to run at certain speed, just try to run at YOUR fastest speed for 30 seconds.

The other minute and a half will let you recover so you are able to then again repeat it 9 times. Finally, end your cardio training by jogging slowly for 10 minutes as a cool-down. Training with intervals is the best way to burn calories and lose weight fast. Just work your body slowly until you are able to complete an interval session.

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